Polystyrene PPS 10 GOST (PSB-S-15)

Brand: Атлон
Product Code: ППС 10 ГОСТ

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Main application

A bit more dense brand of foam in this category than the previous PPP 10 TU. It is stronger and a little more weather resistant. It is in demand due to not high prices. Thermal insulation properties of this brand of polystyrene foam are approximately equal to 10 PPS AND PPS 12 GOST.

PPS 10 GOST is used for insulation, without load on the insulation itself (outbuildings, warehouses, storage, temporary houses, cabins, temporary insulation of capital buildings, window openings left without glazing). For sound insulation inside the premises (floors, walls, partitions), also used as a packaging material.


Features of brand PPS 10 GOST

Buyers need to take into account that the better you protect the insulation from the effects of sunlight, frost and moisture, the longer and better it will serve.

Brands that will withstand powerful loads you can find in the catalog, well, buy a more dense brand can be here.


Mounting recommendations

To process such foam is quite easy: you can cut with a knife along the metal rack or saw with a hacksaw. Glue together better adhesive based on vinyl acetate, and for concrete and brick to use glue, which can be bought here. Seal the joints and split tiles easier installation foam. For fastening to the tree, you can use fasteners with screws, and for other bases such dowels will fit.

Prices and discounts

Below are the prices per cubic meter and piece for example. Prices are without discount.

Retail price

Price small wholesale

Wholesale price

The price of large wholesale

1730 RUB / m3

1630 RUB / m3

1530 RUB / m3

1510 RUB / m3


price per piece 173 rubles.


price per piece 163 rubles.


price per piece 153 rubles.


price per piece 151 rubles.


price per piece 346 rubles.


price per piece 326 rubles.


price per piece 306 rubles.


price per piece 302 rubles.

At all price column discount applies from 4 to 10%, and the conditions inquire by phone

+7 (343) 213-02-16

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