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15F PPS polystyrene foam in insulation and sound insulation

The average density of the facade of the foam. The density is located between the PPP and the PPP 14Ф 16Ф, highly effective insulation for low and medium-storey buildings. Significantly reduces heat loss through the walls, and it is neither more nor less, up to a third of the heat loss of the whole building. Will keep from freezing such concrete components as reinforcing belts and window lintels. We recommend this brand for plastering facades of individual houses, apartment buildings and public buildings.  The insulation walls of high story buildings we recommend to buy brand PPP 16Ф.

Features of facade foam PPS to 15 f

The name of the polystyrene with the letter " f " will tell you about its purpose, and the number indicates the actual density. From the fourteenth brand it is distinguished by a safety margin. There is also a small format and good density, clear geometry of the plates and the mandatory presence of fire retardants. Please note that the substances that prevent burning-flame retardants, are present in all our proposed brands. We pay attention to this brand of professional builders and installers.

Company atlongroup.ru supplies high quality polystyrene from excellent raw materials, produced on European equipment.

About the system of wet facades you can read in this article, in it we have tried to reveal some of the secrets of professionals.

A little about the installation of plates

Convenient for installation format of foam sheets, which, if necessary, trim and adjust in place on the installation site. For installation of facade insulation and surface reinforcement we offer you a special mixture. The prepared adhesive mixture is applied with a notched spatula or"heels". In the process of gluing, we recommend to avoid glue on the ends of the plates. Additionally you need to consolidate the surface with plugs specifically designed for thermal insulation slabs.


Prices and discounts

Below are the prices per cubic meter and piece for example. Prices are without discount.

Retail price

Price small wholesale

Wholesale price

The price of large wholesale

2500 RUB / m3

2400 RUB / m3

2300 RUB / m3

2260 RUB / m3


price per piece 62 rubles.


the price per share was 60 RUB.


price per piece 57 rubles.


price per piece 56 rubles.


price per piece 125 rubles.


price per piece 120 rubles.


price per piece 115 rubles.


price per piece 113 rubles.

All price columns are subject to a discount of 10 to 12%, the terms and conditions are available by phone

+7 (343) 213-02-16

Main characteristic

Density-15 kg / m3 

Thermal conductivity 0.039 W/(m*K) 

Plate size: 1000х500 mm, 1000х600 mm, 1000х800 mm, with thickness from 25 to 300mm.

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