Polystyrene sheet EPS 10 TU 2000h1000h150mm

Brand: Атлон
Product Code: ППС
420 руб.

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Expanded polystyrene in sheets of various sizes. Expanded polystyrene sheet-one of the most common building insulation. Well-insulates, slightly absorb moisture, is easy to operate. Lay and cut sheets of expanded polystyrene is much easier than roll insulation.
We offer discounts on bulk orders.

Characteristics of expanded polystyrene:
Brand:PS 10 THAT.
Sheet size: 2000х1000х150мм
Price per piece: 420 rubles
Water-resistant: YES
The availability of Fire safety certificates: YES
The existence of a certificate of SEZ: YES
Availability of ISO 9001 certificates: YES
Protect from prolonged exposure to the sun!

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