Polystyrene concrete in components is like

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Polystyrene concrete in components is like

What do we mean by that? We offer to buy polystyrene concrete in bags, in the form of a filler (a crumb of foam plastic or polystyrene granules). Put up the insulation and the additive is prepared for transport. By purchasing these components, you can prepare a solution of polystyrene concrete directly on the site of construction and repair. According to the provided atlongroup recipe, without much hassle you can get polystyrene concrete solution for the construction of load-bearing walls, and light brands for insulation and sound insulation.

What is polystyrene concrete

Polystyrene concrete belongs to light and cellular concrete. The filler is a foam crumb or granules. As an additive, as a rule, wood saponified resin (LDS) is used. It promotes the involvement of air bubbles in the mixture, increases mobility (plasticizes) and acts as an anti-frost additive. The binder has traditionally been the cement that holds the prepared mortar of polystyrene concrete and imparts strength.
Thanks to the polystyrene granules, which are part of the polystyrene concrete and the porous structure of the concrete, in one product we obtain useful characteristics-resistance to moisture and decay, excellent performance of load-bearing characteristics, insulation, sound insulation, frost resistance. It is widely used as a building material and thermal insulation (thermal conductivity from 0.06 to 0.18 W/m*K).
The density of such concrete can vary from 150 to 600 and more kg / m3, depending on the ratio of components. In multi-storey buildings, pouring light concrete floor to reduce the load on the floor. Is the best option to raise and level the floor, insulate and soundproof. Such floors do not have to be reinforced.
Polystyrene concrete absorbs little moisture and retains its thermal insulation properties in unfavorable operating conditions. Laying of polystyrene concrete on the roof and floors allows you to get either the desired slope or a flat surface. And the resulting monolithic plate does not require reinforcement and will last a long time.
On the environmental aspects of lightweight concrete based on polystyrene we will tell in a separate article.

Where polystyrene concrete is used

It is used in a variety of options and types:
  • production of building blocks and wall panels;
  • floor screed of low-rise and multi-storey buildings;
  • the warming layer between the main wall and facing;
  • insulation of flat roofs of houses, Parking lots, industrial buildings;
  • production of jumpers and floor slabs;
  • monolithic construction of walls of residential and non-residential buildings;
  • in the manufacture of various architectural designs and decorative forms.