EPS 15 facade weaving or fifty?

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Is 100 mm polystyrene a lot or a little? An unambiguous answer can be obtained by correct calculations of all materials that are involved in the design. For example: what is the wall made of, what materials (plaster, putty, Wallpaper) will be applied indoors, what compositions are on the outside? Only using the characteristics of heat TRANSFER RESISTANCE of all building materials in the calculations, it is possible to accurately calculate the required thickness of insulation. For years of work certain practice and experience proceeding from which it is possible to recommend this or that thickness of a heat-insulating material was developed. And so, a few recommendations: when the wall of cellular blocks of 300 mm is better to use 10 inch thick expanded polystyrene, with walls 400 mm, enough 50 mm insulation. Brickwork is not cheap, and under the new rules it is necessary to build about two meters thick to reduce heat loss. There is certainly help out the insulation. As a rule a brick close expanded polystyrene in the thickness of 120 - 150 mm. At the same time, people who build for themselves usually take with a reserve. These costs certainly justify themselves!

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Shipping minimum order in Yekaterinburg from 600 rubles.

Characteristics of expanded polystyrene:

    Brand: еps15 Facade
    Sheet size: 1000x500x100 mm
    Price per piece: 122 rubles
    Water-resistant: YES
    The availability of Fire safety certificates: YES
    The existence of a certificate of SEZ: YES
    Availability of ISO 9001 certificates: YES
    Protect Styrofoam from prolonged sun exposure!

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