Find out why this insulation is the most popular of polystyrene.

Brand: Атлон
Product Code: ППС
140 руб.

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Polystyrene foam insulation with price per sheet in our online store. The heater from foamed polystyrene is one of the most demanded sheet heat-insulating materials in construction. Its effectiveness has been proven by several decades of use in different countries. The large format of this product 2000h1000 mm will reduce the formation of cold bridges, and the thickness of 5 cm will not freeze the covered surface. If this thickness is not enough, then use two or three layers of insulation.
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Characteristics of expanded polystyrene:
Brand: EPS 10 TU.
Sheet size: 2000х1000х100мм
Price per piece: 140 rubles
Water-resistant: YES
The availability of Fire safety certificates: YES
The existence of a certificate of SEZ: YES
Availability of ISO 9001 certificates: YES
Protect from prolonged exposure to the sun!

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