Repair angle grinder in Yekaterinburg

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Repair angle grinder in Yekaterinburg

Repair of grinding machine

Angle grinder (USM) is a reliable equipment for processing, cutting, grinding of metal and stone, as well as performing other works. Work with high loads, at high speeds, in a dusty atmosphere, lead to malfunctions.

Signs of malfunction are:

  •  burning smell;
  • overheating of the body grinders;
  • increased sparking;
  • increased and extraneous noise during operation.

The main part of the fault:

  • wear brushes;
  • bearing failure;
  • short circuit in the engine.

In the event of a fault, we advise you to contact our customer service for inspection for faults, maintenance work, and possibly repair the grinder. This can prevent further destruction of the mechanism and allow the tool to be repaired at a relatively low cost.

A list of the main types of repairs

repair of anchor of the angle grinder

replacing the anchor angle grinder

replacement manifold grinders

replacement of electric brushes of the grinder

repair of the reducer of the angle grinder

replacement gear grinder

repair of the case of the angle grinder

repair and replacement of buttons

The price of repair of the angle grinder in Yekaterinburg

If you need to repair your grinder, we offer to contact our service workshop. We specialize in after sales service of angle grinders all major manufacturers, offering customers the following benefits:

affordable price of grinding machine repair;

warranty on the work performed;

operational performance of work due to the availability of spare parts warehouse;

various forms of payment (we offer cashless payments for organizations);

possibility of delivery of the repaired tool around the city;

special offers for companies for continuous maintenance of power tools.

The average repair time of the grinder-1-3 days. The average cost of repair of the grinding machine - 300-2200 rubles

You can also purchase any consumables and spare parts that are required for the repair of cysm of any brand.

We work with individuals and legal entities. We conclude contracts for the maintenance of power tools and gasoline tools.