Repair of jackhammer in Yekaterinburg

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Repair of jackhammer in Yekaterinburg

Repair of a jackhammer

Because of the huge load that jackhammers experience in the process of operation, the appearance of failures is not uncommon.

The most frequent malfunction jackhammers:

* mechanical damage to the hull;

* wear of seals and gaskets;

* failure of electronic control units;

• the destruction of the bearing;

* damage to the impactor;

• failure of the motor.

Tool diagnostics, prevention, including dismantling of the jackhammer, cleaning and lubrication of internal components, replacement of defective parts with original parts – this is an incomplete list of services provided by our service.

Our company repairs jackhammers of such famous brands as: Makita (MAKITA), Bosch (Bosch), DeWalt (Devolt), Hitachi (Hitachi), Metabo (Metabo) and others.

The price of repairing a jackhammer in Yekaterinburg

Are you looking for a service for preventive maintenance and repair of your jackhammer? We suggest to address to our service. Repair shop specializiruetsya service jackhammers all major manufacturers, offering customers the following benefits:

affordable jackhammer repair cost;

warranty on the work performed;

prompt execution of works due to the availability of spare parts warehouse;

various forms of payment (we offer cashless payment for companies);

delivery of the repaired tool in Yekaterinburg;

special offers for organizations for permanent maintenance of power tools.

The term of repair of the jackhammer lasts from 1 to 5 days (in the presence in a warehouse of spare parts). The cost of repairing the jackhammer from 500 rubles.

You can also purchase consumables and spare parts from us, which are required for repairing jackhammers of various brands.

We work with individuals and legal entities. We conclude contracts for the maintenance of power tools and gasoline-powered tools.