Warming of houses. Choice of insulation

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Warming of houses. Choice of insulation

Insulation-a material that prevents heat loss (or heat exchange), whether insulated house or clothing.
The use of insulation in construction is necessary to save energy and protect structures from frost, as well as reduce the volume of wall materials. From how the house is insulated, determine the future operation and maintenance costs.
Currently, several types of thermal insulation are popular. This polystyrene construction (plates, cylinders for pipes, decorative insulation), polystyrene extrusion (plates, cylinders for pipes), glass wool insulation (mats and plates), basalt insulation (mats, plates, cylinders for pipes), polyurethane foam (insulation for pipes, foam installation, sprayed insulation). All voiced types are divided by density, size and thickness. Apply types and brands of insulating materials in relation to a specific or generalized situation.
For most of our country, the issue of home insulation is very important. And it is desirable to find answers to the questions at the project stage:
- "what kind of insulation for the house is suitable in your case?",
- what to insulate the walls and Foundation?", 
- "how will you insulate the roof?".
This will help in the future, knowing the price of insulation, calculate the cost of materials and work, to eliminate errors. And during the operation to get the maximum effect.
Answer the above questions can be knowing the thickness and material of the walls, floor materials, in what conditions should work insulation material and more.
Prepare and ask your questions. We will try to give a detailed answer to the questions on the insulation of the house.
Other things being equal, some developers prefer a particular type of insulation. We offer several options for heat preservation, the choice is yours!